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Other Resource Documents

GAO Report: Findings and Possible Options for Claimed Land Grants (2004)
Abstract: This report describes the confirmation process the US implemented and their results, identifies and assesses concerns about this process between 1854 to 1904, and outlines possible options that Congress may consider in response to remaining community land grant concerns.

Author: The General Attorney Office- Treaty Division

Response to 2004 GAO Report (2008)
Abstract: This report was created in response to the 2004 GAO report that claimed there was no violation to due process and provided no express opinion on whether the U.S. fulfilled the treaty obligations. This report challenges many findings and legal arguments presented in the 2004 GAO report and provide better legal agreements of why the Treaty was not fulfilled by the US.

Author: David Benavidez, New Mexico Attorney General

GAO Report: Definitions and List of New Mexico Land Grants (2001)
Abstract: This document provides a definition of what a land grant is in New Mexico as well as identifies and gives locations to all land grants within New Mexico.

Author: The General Attorney Office- Treaty Division

Northern New Mexico Policy: Hurst Memo (1972)
Abstract: Hurst urged forest supervisors and district rangers to become “intimately familiar” with this memo, its philosophy and suggested changes to regulations and procedures, were all to better serve the “Spanish” (nuevomexicano) and Pueblo Indian communities of northern New Mexico.

Author: William D. Hurst

Hassell Report(1968)
Abstract: This report called for 1) a change in the Forest Service attitude toward the people of northern New Mexico, and 2) the management of the national forests to benefit the people of northern New Mexico through economic development and poverty reduction. Hassell created ninety-nine recommendations that would make “the resources of the National Forests . . . helpful to the people of northern New Mexico.”

Author: M.J. Hassell

The Land Grant Forum Newsletter

These are quarterly newsletters created by Council Staff and endorsed by the UNM Land Grant Studies Program and New Mexico Land Grant Consejo. They are informative about land grant initiatives and upcoming events happening around all land grant- merced communities. If you have any questions contact Dr. Jacobo Baca at