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Land Grant Council Partners

GAO: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Division

Purpose: The division shall review oversee and address concerns relating to the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that have not been implemented or observed in the spirit of Article 2, Section 5 of the constitution of New Mexico and Section 47-1-25 NMSA 1978.
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New Mexico Land Grant Consejo

Purpose: Founded in 2006 for the purpose of promoting the interests of Spanish/Mexican Community Land Grant-Mercedes at both the state and federal level. This organization has been to develop and advocate for legislative and administrative policies aimed to address past injustices.
Contact Person: Andrea Padilla (President)
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New Mexico Legislative Interim Land Grant Committee

Purpose: The Interim Land Grant Committee was established in 2003 by the New Mexico Legislature and is comprised of both senators and representatives of the New Mexico State Legislature. The purpose of the Committee is to hear testimony relating to issues faced community land grants across the state and, where appropriate, to develop legislative policy solutions to those issues.
Representative Miguel P. Garcia (Chair)

Senator Leo Jaramillo (Vice- Chair)

Contact info: Interim Land Grant Committee Website


UNM Land Grant Studies Program

Purpose: The mission of LGSP is to provide research, analysis and dissemination of information relating to community land grants through public outreach to mercedes and the broader community as a whole.
Contact Person: Manuel Garcia y Griego, Ph.D (Director)
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Merced Land and Education Trust Conservation (MLECT)

Purpose: To promote the recognition of land rights protected and given to Mexican citizens and their decedents in New Mexico by the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and to advocate for conservation and preservation of the Mestizo culture and land base through education.
Contact Person: Arturo Archuleta
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House Rural Development, Land Grants And Cultural Affairs Committee

Purpose: The House Rural Development, Land Grants And Cultural Affairs Committee reviews legislation regarding land grants, rural development and cultural affairs during the legislative session.

Representative Susan K. Herrera (Chair)

Representative Linda Serrato (Vice-Chair)

Contact info: House Rural Development, Land Grants And Cultural Affairs Committee Website