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Past Support Fund Recipients

Fiscal Year Funded Land Grant Name Application Request
FY 20 Don Fernando de Taos

archeological report on historic cemetery and office equipment

FY 20 Manzano

furnish and equip the community building and Land Grant office

FY 20 Tierra Amarilla  to purchase tools and equipment necessary for the upkeep of the newly acquired Laguna del Campo
FY 20 San Antonio de las Huertas

Funds requested to continue to improve Oso Recreation Site

FY 20 San Miguel del Bado

to purchase equipment for building & grounds upkeep & repair

FY 19 Anton Chico

Various projects, including purchase of used vehicle to patrol commons

FY 19 Tome

security equipment and power tools

FY 19 Chilili

archway and a gate for two community cemeteries

FY 19 San Antonio de las Huertas

tables and chairs and an outdoor kitchen; septic improvements for Oso recreation area

FY 18 Juan Bautista Baldez Purchasing fencing material and signage for land grant common land
FY 18 San Antonio de las Huertas plan, design, construct, renovate and equip imporvements to Oso Recreational area and purchasing all neessary equipment.
FY 18 San Miguel del Bado Purchase of commerical kitchen appliances and equipment for the land grant community center
FY18 Tome office equipment, including printer and signage and advertising materials and service

Juan Bautista Baldez

Purchase a computer
FY 17 San Joaquin del Rio de Chama Purchase fencing material
FY17 Santa Barbara Purchase computers and printers for office
FY 17 Santo Tomas Apostol del Rio de Trampas Purchase computers and printers for office
FY 17 Tajique Improvements on cememtery. Purchase of gravel, signs and electrical work on community centers.
FY 16 San Antonio de las Huertas Purchase of fencing material for commone lands, security cameras and security equipment for land grant facilities and property.
FY 16 Tajique Purchase a double oven, gas range, microwave, LCD projector, laptop computer and projection screen for community center.
FY 16 Tierra Amarilla Professional services of an Agreed Upon Procedures engagement for FY 2011 to be completed by the Office of the New Mexico State Auditor
FY 16 Tome purchasing a storage shed
FY 15 Abiquiu purchase 23 road signs and signs posted that will be placed along 4 land grant roads that serve as a public easement for the U.S. Forest Service
FY 15 Chilili purchase of an electric floor buffer- stripper to be used for the upkeeping and maintenance of the floors for the Land Grant gym and community center
FY 15 San Antonio de las Huertas purchase of fencing materials to fence portions of the land grant common land, including t-post, barbed wire, fence stays, fence corners and gates.
FY 15 San Joaquin del Rio de Chama purchase a 3 seat UTV and 14 trailer to be used for transportation of heirs to San Joaquin del Rio de Chama historic cemetery and the transportation of amterials and resources such as timber and agricultural products relating to land grant community and economic development initiatives
FY 15 Tajique Land Grant cemetery improvements project to include: a cemetery site plan, and site improvements including, grading and leveling of cemetery site and development of cemetery access roads.
FY 15 Tome purchase of an electric floor buffer- stripper to be used for the upkeeping and maintenance of the floors for the Land Grant museum and community center
FY 14 Tajique Purchase of fencing material, including entryway and gate in order to install fence around land grant-merced common land; and for payment of any Torrance County fees (including zone change) associated with use of common land as presented by the Merced.
FY 13 Cristobal de La Serna mail out to 400 heirs on video and DVD about land grant history as well as postage.
FY 13 Juan Bautista Baldez Legal Assistance
FY 13 San Joaquin del Rio de Chama Storage container and Landscaping tools
FY 13 Tome Purchase of portable bathrooms for the community baseball fields
FY 11 Abiquiu Hire a surveyor, title company, an attorney to perform legal investigations and write letters dealing with property issues .
FY 11 Chilili purchase culverts to be installed within ten miles of the main road within the land grant and have it lead to a CFRP project
FY 11 Cristobal de La Serna To record DVDs to communicate with land grant heirs the history, goals and objectives as set forth by the by-laws and amendments of the Land Grant.
FY 11 Juan Baustista Baldez Legal Advise, consultations, and paperwork for the acquisition of Merced Communitaria JBB Land Grant property for proper planning, zoning and utilities.
FY 11 San Antonio de las Huertas Hire a professional surveyor to begin and complete staked surveys on San Antonio De Las Huertas common land. Site preparation, septic system and water hook up for new Land Grant offices.
FY 11 San Joaquin del Rio de Chama Repair water line connection to community water, repair bathroom facilities, replace windows, install handicap ramp, signs.
FY 11 San Miguel del Bado Mileage reimbursement to Santa Fe, Las Vegas and ABQ, costs for duplicating documents, work- study, genealogy committee advisor, 2 computers, software for genealogy study.
FY 11 Tome Develop and/or expand the Museum. Purchase of a computer, fax machine, printer, microfiche, cabinets, video recorder. Help host seminars and activities to promote local history of land grant.