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Support Fund Application Guidelines

FY 2022 Land Grant Support Fund Applications are Due October 8, 2021, 5:00pm

The purpose of the Support Fund is to provide funding assistance to Spanish & Mexican Community Land Grants-Mercedes in New Mexico, hereafter referred to as Land Grants-Mercedes, for legal and technical assistance as well as small capital projects, improvements and acquisitions, as outlined below in Section 4 of the Guideline.

The Fund shall be utilized by Land Grants-Mercedes for procurement of third-party services and/or purchases in the following areas:

  1. Legal Services includes advice or brief service but does not include litigation
  2. Administrative Services/Goods/Equipment – includes any and all services, goods or equipment purchases relating to the administration of the Land Grant-Merced.
  3. Community Development including but not limited to projects addressing land, water, wastewater and housing issues.
  4. Economic Development including but not limited to projects aimed at increasing local or regional economy.
  5. Small Capital and/or Equipment Purchases including but not limited to office equipment, security equipment, construction materials and equipment.
  6. Land Acquisition and Related Services including but not limited to land purchases, professional fees for appraisals, title closings, title insurance, boundary surveys.
  7. Land-use Planning and Zoning including but not limited to development and/or updates to comprehensive plans, master plans and zoning ordinances.
  8. Common land and infrastructure improvements including but not limited to forest and watershed health, agricultural development, conservation, ecological monitoring, range management and environmental reviews, assessments and clearance for NEPA compliance, fencing, road and drainage improvements, stock well and drinkers, spring and waterway improvements.
  9. Historic and cultural preservation including but not limited to archeological and cultural reviews, assessments, testing, excavation, and clearances as required by state or Federal law, cultural programming and materials, restoration of historic buildings owned by a land grant-merced, land grant-merced owned museums.
  10. Outreach and Community Education including advertising materials and website development, educational programming and materials.Funding may not be used to supplant resources used as a part of a Land Grant- Merced general operating budget. There are no matching requirements for application to The Fund.