Upcoming Deadlines/Information


Good Afternoon Land Grant Community Leaders,

This is a reminder on some important dates and information that may need to be known by your land grant.

1. The Interim Budget and Resolution are due June 1st. If you have any questions or need further information please contact the DFA Budget Analysis

 (505) 827-8059  (505) 827-8062
Atrisco Land Grant  
Acequia De la Canova Acequia de Alcalde
Acequia De la Cienega Acequia de La Agua Caliente
Acequia De la Otra Vanda  Acequia de La Isla
Acequia De los Chupaderos  Acequia de La Otra Banda
Acequia del BarranCo Blanco Acequia De La Plaza De Dixon
Acequia del Monte (del Rio Chiquito) Acequia de Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno
Acequia Madre Del Cerro Del Guadalupe Acequia del Ancon
Acequia San Rafael del Guique  Acequia del Cano
Anton Chico Land Grant Acequia del los Espinosa 
  Acequia del Potrero
  Acequia Madre Del Prado del Rio Lucero
  Acequias de Chamisal y Ojito
  Juan Bautista Baldes Land Grant 
  La Acequia Del Llano 
  La Merced del Pueblo de Chililli Land Grant
  Don Fernando De Taos Land Grant 
  Merced del Pueblo de San Joaquin del Rio De Chama
  Town of Tome Land Grant

  2. There will be a ICIP Training on May 31st at UNM Dane Smith Hall rm 141 at 10am. There will be coffee and water in the morning and then lunch will be provided. If you have any questions contact Cheyenne Trujillo at 505-934-7389.

3. ICIP is due June 15th. Attached is the guidebook. Have any questions contact ICIP Help Desk @ ICIP.LGD@state.nm.us; (505) 827-4950

Thank you for your time and attention!